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Farrah Abraham Accuses Mom Debra Danielson Of Being Scammed For $250,000

Courtney Stodden Attends Style Fashion Week ? Still Hasn?t Found Either One Oh man could these two compare notes CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! Per Farrah, as transcribed by Starcasm , My mom was telling me, A person Im dating and who I was also a business partner with ended up dying in Malaysia She was under the impression yeah that they were like going to be engaged and married when he got back from Asia. Then she signs a partnership agreement for like an oil development deal. So she like sends him 250 something thousand dollars Did you ever meet him mom? No. Never f**king met him! "I feel like I make some fked up choices too," Farrah whines in the understatement of the century, "But I'm like, 'Mooooom you're in some deep s#*t right now!'" Like mother, like daughter! The funniest part of the clip is how Taylor is FarrahAbrahamsextape just eaaating up Farrah asking her for advice and acting like she's important. And in response how Farrah is practically glowing that John Bluher and Taylor are buying her story and playing the ' Poor unsupported Farrah ' card. Neither Farrah, the oh-so-professional Dr. Jenn, nor Farrah's parents have commented on this allegation. Maybe there are so many Farrah lies to combat this one just gets moved to the bottom of the pile? Or maybe Debra is dumb enough to wire all her hard-earned Teen Mom money to Malaysia? Speaking of deep s#*!

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